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Aug 27, 2007
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Here's my brief profile:

Senior (planning to take a year off)

Biology Major
Overall GPA: 3.63 expected
Science GPA: 3.6 expected
MCAT: 38R (13 P 13V 12B)


One summer 4 months research, one semester independent research, next summer expected to do more research (possible publication, probably not): Biochemistry lab doing bench work (protein analysis, cloning, protein purification, assays, etc.)
4 years of work experience (average 10-15 hrs during school, 30 summers)
2 years pizza delivery
2 years personal assistant for cancer survivor, store president (some exposure to the patient side of medicine, physical rehabilitation)
1 year hospital volunteer (2 departments, pretty good patient contact)
Shadowing dermatological surgery (skin cancer)
Shadowing one or two other specialties by next summer for total of 30 hours
4 years IM sports (Football, Basketball, Tennis)
1-2 semesters Study group leader for Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry expected
1 semester volunteering planned at soup kitchen
small stuff like RAGBRAI (biked across Iowa in 7 days)
LORS: PI from research lab, employer who will write something fantastic I'm pretty sure, still looking for one more science faculty and humanities

To me, my ECs seem kind of lacking, especially on the clinical side. I plan on looking for a medically related job for my year off. The things above are predicted for when I apply. I have Michigan residency but want to go somewhere warm (I know, superficial) for something new. Where should I apply? Everyone tells me my MCAT makes me a sure thing but I'm not convinced.

Thanks for reading and the input.


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Apr 4, 2007
You have a great MCAT, and a good GPA. You've got leadership demonstrated. You've got teamwork due to the sports involvement. You have research. You've shown your alruistic side through a number of your endeavors. You have both shadowing and clinical experience already, but are appropriately planning for more of each.

With the additional involvement you've planned, I think you are doing enough. I expect some schools in warm places would be happy to admit you. I'd suggest you probably would have a less than sterling chance at the big research schools, though, with less than a year of research.
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