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Dec 15, 2009
Hey SDN, me again.

Here's my original post http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=686570,

updated info with C+ (ochem 1), A- (math), and A+ (writing course)-1st semester as transfer student, so this is my current gpa, ignoring my other school's grades. Pretty horrible for science gpa. I am asian btw.

extracurriculars: volunteer in ER at hospital on hiatus, licensed emt (am in school's emergency squad)...not much but am planning to look for research.

It seems getting an A in ochem II for me will be rare, unless I make hundreds on the 3rd exam and final (80 on 1st exam, 2nd exam might be dropped). However I am still gonna strive to get the highest possible grade.

But if my plan should fail,
Would all my chances of getting into a med school in ny be completely destroyed? Should I give up the premed track entirely? Or is DO and Caribbean schools my only hope now? I understand that biochem will be a factor also, that I need more extracurriculars, and that I must continue to strive for the best possible grade still.

Once again, all other courses are going well, except for this one. There's something wrong with me :(

Thank you all for your patience once again. I greatly appreciate all your responses.


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Jun 16, 2008
One or two Cs don't hurt, especially if u get As in the upper level science classes such as Biochem and genetics. Also, a lot depends on the MCAT and ECs as well. Just give your 100% and I think you will be fine.