Am I going into Optometry for right reasons?

Discussion in 'Optometry' started by FutureODnVA, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Ok, another question for you guys:

    What made you decide to go into optometry? Aside from obviously liking eyes,vision, etc. I mean, out of all the possible majors and careers, what convinced you to choose optometry?

    I like doing various things and there are several fields that interest me too. I am really leaning to optometry for a few reasons - 1) It seems pretty interesting 2) The courses will be an exciting challenge (I like accomplishing things that I originally thought I couldn' calculus! 3) I think the career will provide me with a good solid future. I will be able to provide for myself and my family (when I have one) and I can pay my loans back without such a struggle...4) There isn't alot of stress in the field and it's usually a solid 40 hr work week.

    Are these good reasons to go into the field or am I looking at this wrong?

    Once again, thanks in advance!! Ya'll are great! :love:
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    it seems to me that you are going into optometry for ALL the right reasons! it is not wrong to expect a comfortable living or an above-average salary... it just shouldn't be your first priority! everyone wants to pay off their loans without much of a headache (if that's possible). you MUST feel passionate about what the profession entails, you must be empathetic, sincere, and caring. personally, i am going in this profession so that i can go to third world countries and help the people there in a manner no other medical profession can: primary eye care to those in need. this is first priority for me. after my 4 years and possible pediatric residency, i will be in the third world paying my dues. as cliched as this may sound, i want to do optometry so i can enrich the vision and ultimate quality of life for those less fortunate than me. we are all so lucky to be on this side of the world. sometimes it makes me wonder "what if i was born in south africa? why has God chosen to put me in such a place of luxury and ease (relative to most other people in the third world)?" it is because i was destined to do something wonderful for these people - give back for all i have already recieved. i know i will make money when i work in the states, but i also know that i cannot help others without first building a solid foundation. if this foundation requires a secure financial situation, so be it. as people have said before, if you want to become rich and famous, don't go into a medical profession... no medical profession will give you this. but if you want to have the self-fulfillment of helping another in need in one of the most unique and rewarding ways imaginable... go into optometry! i like the reasons you have listed for going into this profession, and i respect you completely! if you feel passionate about what the job entails, by all means you will be a GREAT doctor! :)


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