Am I in trouble with a W?

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Mar 20, 2008
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I have a bit of a unique situation. In Fall of 2005 I took 3 of my prereq courses Chem I/II (A, A-) and Bio A+ and then in the spring semester I enrolled in Organic Chemistry II (I already took Organic I 4 years ago, A) and Organic Lab and I was in the process of defending my doctoral dissertation in Health Education at a different institution. During this time I needed to withdraw from both Organic II and Lab in order to defend my thesis, which means that now I have a W on my transcript for Lab and W for Organic II. I should mention I have another W on my transcript my first year of graduate school (1999) in a Biology course.

I have since moved cities and plan to complete Organic II and Lab this summer at a local university, will the fact that I have three W's on my transcript (one from grad school 1999 and two the semester I defended my thesis) be bad?

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