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Oct 18, 2008
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I'm currently a junior, planning on applying in June of my senior year.
current GPA: 3.54
current BCMP: 3.5
by the time I apply, I'll have:
-2.5 yrs of volunteering in ER
-shadowed several specialties
-HIV/AIDS prevention and resource center volunteer(1.5 yrs)
-Planned Parenthood health clinic intern(1.5 yrs)
-research (haven't started yet, but I'm looking into it within a next couple of months)
-AMSA club member and have already done some fund raising for some events.
-Biology and O.chem peer mentor through an honors program.
-I'm also planning to go on a medical trip to Honduras in spring through Global Brigades.(should I do this? I personally want to have this experience, but I'm having second thoughts)

Also, I haven't taken the MCAT, I just purchased the ExamKrackers books series. when do you guys think I should take it? and what should I aim for?

one last thing, as you can tell from my user name, I'm Iranian, I know Iranians are not considered URMs. but since I'm an Iranian immigrant who immigrated to states 5 years ago by the United Nations support, would admission committee take this into consideration in terms of language barriers and other financial and non-financial disadvantages?

I greatly appreciate any help!

Thanks very much.


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Apr 4, 2007
Your extracurricular activities look great with the presumed additional of a year of research. The Honduras trip would be great for personal development and possibly clinical experience, but is not essential if cost is an issue.

If you are unable to get your GPA up more in the next 1.5 years, aim for an MCAT score of 32+. Take the test after you are done with the prerequisites and have a few months of distraction-free study time, like the end of summer 09, if you've taken all the courses.

Many secondary applications ask you if you have had difficulties in your educational path, and this would be the ideal place to tell about your language, financial, and educational challenges. Will it make a difference? I'm sure the answer to this is school specific, but essentially, the answer is: probably not much. For example, you might be excused a point or two on the verbal part of the MCAT.
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