Medical Am I ready to apply next year?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I'll most likely graduate with a 3.9 cGPA and a 3.85 sGPA, maybe a little lower. My MCAT is 517. By next June, I'll have 120 hours COVID testing (paid), one summer of work experience doing an unrelated job, 400-500 hours research in biology, 250 hours volunteering at a hospital and 120-150 volunteering at a soup kitchen. I'll be able to project a few hundred more during my gap year as well. I'm unsure if I have enough extracurriculars. They seem to be cookie cutter, and I'm not sure if they're enough. Should I add more? Also, what schools should I apply to? I currently have all state schools (Michigan), Vermont, Kaiser, NYU, Dartmouth, Cornell, Maryland, Cincinnati, Drexel, East Tennessee, Lewis Katz, MC Wisconsin, NYU Log island, Penn state, State U NY Downstate, Miami Leonard, U of Minnesota, U of Nebraska, U of ND, U of Wisconsin School of Med, Virginia tech, and Wright State.

Thank you.
It's worth a shot.

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