Sep 3, 2015
Okay I just recently entered Baruch College as a freshman and I very recently decided I would do the pre med track, but I foolishly took my ap credits for chemistry and English. Am I screwed? Do I have to transfer to make up for this? Can I take extra classes over the course of the next 7 semesters and still come out on top?
P. S I know I should've done my research more before deciding to do something like this


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Apr 24, 2015
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Some schools will allow you to use AP credit to count towards your medical school pre-reqs (the MSAR would be able to give you more info about what schools do this). However, if you're worried about trying to use AP credits to count for pre-reqs, you can take upper level courses in these subjects and that should cover it and demonstrate that you can handle coursework in these areas at a college level. Also, there's not really anything stopping you from "retaking" your chemistry or English classes (i.e., taking General Chemistry even if your college granted you credit for it; also, most colleges will grant credit for AP courses, but they won't grant you a grade, which makes filling out apps really annoying). You're not married to your AP credits :p


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Oct 7, 2014
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I recieved a 4 on AP Chem and attended a college and they pretty much forced us to retake Gen Chem because you need that more in-depth info to prepare for Orgo and Biochem. I would definetly take Gen Chem in college again.