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Sep 23, 2003
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I would like to know how Amalgam is as a build up material??? particularly if you have to place a gold crown later on it? In the past I used Fluorocore as a build up material but this was keeping in mind that the tooth was going to get a Porcelain crown.


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Jul 24, 2002
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In the past two years, I've placed plenty of both Fluorocore and amalgam core build-ups for supporting crowns, both FCC and PFM..

Most of the amalgam core buildups I did on vital teeth involved placing TMS pins for retention because of insufficient remaining coronal tooth structure. I've also placed amalgam cores on endo-treated teeth... After putting in a parapost.

I have no doubt Amalgam is a good core buildup material for either PFM or FCC crowns... It's the only cheap and popular direct-placement core buildup material available for a hundred years before the advent of resins, after all.. Gold foil is before my time so I don't know if it has ever been used for core-buildups before. :D
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