AMCAS Bioinformatics Course Classification BCPM

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Mar 21, 2022
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Hi all,

Just wanted to calculate my AMCAS BCPM GPA before applying to some SMPs. I took a bioinformatics course in 2018. It is coded as a computer science class but the course description is as follows:

CISC 4020. Bioinformatics. (4 Credits)

This course involves the study of the sequence, structure and function of genes and proteins in all living organisms. The machine learning, data mining, information fusion and computational techniques for analyzing large biological data sets will be presented. Topics include: genomics, proteomics, phylogenetics, microarray and gene expression, disorder and disease, virtual screening and drug discovery, databases, data mining, and ethical, societal, and legal issues. This course will have a laboratory component and exercises. Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.

Attributes: INSC, NESY, NEUR.

Just wondering if it would count towards my BCPM GPA or not, thank you!

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