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AMCAS Classification - Toxicology


New Member
May 7, 2020
  1. Other Health Professions Student
Hey guys, would the following two courses work under BCMP?

Drug and Environmental Toxicology
I know its a pharmacology course in a way which goes under HEAL but I hope I can squeeze it into BCMP somehow, here's the course description for reference:

"This course will explore the human toxicology associated with both pharmaceutical and environmental exposures. General mechanisms of toxicity will be introduced in order to describe how different pharmaceuticals and environmental compounds can lead to adverse effects in humans. Current topics relating to toxicology in the media will also be a focus."

Developmental Origins of Health & Disease
Reproduction course in classified under health sciences by my uni

"Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, will cover how the early-life environment contributes to later-life health. Specifically, students will learn about how prenatal, neonatal, and early childhood exposures and environments contribute to health and disease later in life, including the development of numerous non-communicable diseases affecting numerous organ systems. Mechanisms of how these exposures are thought to contribute to the development of these diseases will also be discussed."
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