Anatomy on USMLE

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Sep 8, 2003
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I know people have talked about this in various other threads, but for people who have recently taken the exam, what was the representation of the anatomy questions. From what I had read in other posts I expected a large percentage of it, like 50%, to be neuro. Is this still the case? Cause I have just been going through some anatomy on Qbank, and it seems like i am only getting 10-15% neuro questions (though I am combining it with histo and embryo). I feel like I really have the neuro stuff down, but I am terrible about where this muscle inserts, etc. And since there is a lot of that on Qbank I have been doing much worse in anatomy than I have my other subjects. Is there a lot of that kind of stuff on the actual exam?

Also, just wondering what everyone is doing to study cell and molecular biology, as I have heard these are being tested more. I have been doing some Qbank questions, just throwing them into other subjects, and sorta going to over some stuff in HY Histo (which really has little to do with histology), but otherwise I'm not sure what to do. The areas they stress always seem weird to me. I swear I have seen 10 questions about the function of particular chaperone proteins. Is stuff like this high yield?

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I think I might have had 2-3 pure anatomy questions on my exam. Neuro was definitely not 50%. You won't get 50% neuro on your exam. It's more emphasized on some tests than others, but not nearly as much as 50% of a test. I just used Qbank for cell bio and didn't get very much on my exam.