Anatomy or Physiology on the OAT?


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Jun 17, 2009
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I was just wondering, in the Bio section of the OAT, are there any questions relating to anatomy or physiology? I'm taking my OAT next summer and am not sure if I should take anatomy or physiology this year :) Someone let me know!:oops:

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Appendix F of Test Specifications

Verterbrate Anatomy and Physiology are on the test... Structure and Function of Systems..
The Kaplan test prep book for 09-10 primarily has anatomy and physiology for the biology section. There was also some phylogeny and Hardy-Weinberg questions, so I would say anatomy and physiology are definitely expected.
I just took the OAT... and I'll just say this: yes, if you can comfortably fit anatomy & physiology in before the exam, definitely do so. good luck!
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thanks everyone! : )
So it's looking like I only have room for physiology.. will that be okay? How much of the bio sci section would you say (in %) is dedicated to anatomy/physiology on the OAT?
Hi, I would say taking physiology is far more useful for the oat than anatomy. I realize people may disagree, but here is my reasoning: anatomy isn't too difficult to study for as you are prepping for the test (even if you haven't taken a course in it).

Physiology, on the other hand, has quite a bit of material, some of which I can almost assure you will be on your oat. Things like action potentials, the digestion pathway, hormones, etc. are very difficult to understand without actually taking a class on them. Anatomy is definitely useful too, but there just isn't nearly as much complex material from anatomy that you'd need to know for the oat (you'd want to know things like the chorion, allantois, important blood vessels/features, etc., most of the muscle material would be covered in physiology too so you wouldn't have to worry so much about that). Again, if you are good at biology, you could teach yourself most of the oat level anatomy you didn't know yet pretty quickly.
I agree with Arctic-- there is a lot in physiology, plus you'll be learning some anatomy in physiology class anyway, assuming anatomy wasn't a pre-req for the course (for example, you will be talking about the functions of various anatomical features, for instance the pancreas maybe, and in doing so will learn some anatomy). good luck-- physiology can be really fun. =)