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Some of you, if you were premeds in the recent past, may know me from my launch of MDapplicants.com four years ago, a site for premedical students applying to medical school. I've had enough requests for it that I've reengineered it for residency applicants, and I've added anesthesiology to the database today.

It's essentially an anonymous, user-supported, site that allows current and past residency applicants to share their experiences - statistics, interviews, and feedback on the process - with future applicants. The critical point of a site like this, as I learned with MDapplicants.com, is can take at least a year to wheedle enough contributions that it becomes a self-sustaining resource, and this is just the beginning. I would like to invite all current and prior applicants to anesthesiology to contribute to this site in the interests of helping those who come after you. This site is completely free, completely anonymous, etc., etc. A few minutes of your time in the coming weeks or after match day will be very valuable to your future colleagues in this stressful process.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs/issues with the site; it's still fairly young, but it's been operating for Ophthalmology since the early match, and there shouldn't be any showstoppers remaining. There will be an integrated interface to add programs or edit program information in the near future; for now, you're welcome to PM me or e-mail the contacts on the site.

Thanks to all who contributed!

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Jan 10, 2007
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Great idea for some very useful info.
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Oct 25, 2007
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This is a pretty neat site. Hopefully more people add profiles now that interviewing is over:)


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Congrats for getting into a demanding field.
I struggled alot through the beginning phase of anesthesia as I first started...even witnessed by my wife who used to hear me talking about intubations during my sleep. Within the last two years of training im just beginning to notice the finer and subtle aspects of anesthesia which the experienced guys like JET, MIL and other seasoned veterans know all to well and perhaps take it for granted.

Hope this helps for the newcomers and anyone wanting a nice review of clinical related topics of anesthesia

links to audio lectures: http://www.02demand.com
online community of clinical excellence of anesthesia
now contains audio and video lectures

Once again congrats and best of luck intubating difficult airways
and saving hypovolemic crashing trauma patients
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