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Good Afternoon Everyone,

This is a current (August -2009) ACGME list that I complied.
Anesthesiology is team work.....I hope this helps the Team.

Puerto Rico in the House!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and if there's a Program Director out there...PM me!!

Please enjoy...

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center Program
Chicago, IL 040-16-21-040
USMLE/COMLEX scores of 80 on a single attempt for both Step I and Step II
Albany Medical Center Program

Albany, NY 040-35-21-167
USMLE Steps I ( and II, if completed)

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Program
Bronx, NY 040-35-21-181

Baylor College of Medicine Program
Houston, TX 040-48-31-150
USMLE Step 1 scores of 210 and above are considered more competitive. Passing the exams on the first attempt is required

Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine Program
Springfield, MA 040-24-12-069
USMLE or Comlex scores should be at least 82, however to remain competitive your USMLE or Comlex should be above 85. if you have failed your USMLE exam one or more times, your application will not be considered.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Program
Boston, MA 040-24-11-060
We do not have specific number cut-offs. All of the written applications are reviewed personally by the Program Director and the Associate Program Director

Boston University Medical Center Program
Boston, MA 040-24-21-062

Brigham and Women's Hospital Program
Boston, MA 040-24-21-066
Children’s hospital Program Boston
Harvard Medical School/Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Program
Massachusetts General Hospital Program

Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center Program
Brooklyn, NY 040-35-31-097

Caritas St Elizabeth's Medical Center Program
Boston, MA 040-24-21-067
Residents are selected on the basis of their motivation, common sense, ability to work hard, integrity, interpersonal relation skills, and academic performance. A mature outlook on life, a sense of humor, outside interests and hobbies, and ability to work as a team player are also important.

Case Western Reserve University (MetroHealth) Program
Cleveland, OH 040-38-21-174

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Program
Los Angeles, CA 040-05-21-019

Cleveland Clinic Foundation Program
Cleveland, OH 040-38-22-120
Initial applications are evaluated when they are received. Based on medical school transcript, United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) score and prior experience, candidates are selected for an interview.

College of Medicine Mayo Clinic (Arizona) Program
Phoenix, AZ 040-03-31-197

College of Medicine Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville) Program
Jacksonville, FL 040-11-13-194

College of Medicine Mayo Clinic (Rochester) Program
Rochester, MN 040-26-21-076

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Program
Lebanon, NH 040-32-11-083
We do not have a USMLE Score requirement (must have passed the exam).

Drexel University College of Medicine/Hahnemann University Hospital Program
Philadelphia, PA 040-41-21-133

Duke University Hospital Program
Durham, NC 040-36-31-115
We require Step 1 USMLE scores of all applicants. Step 2 may be completed after the deadline.
What are the requirements for international medical graduates?
We have a minimum USMLE cutoff score of 220 on all parts of the exam. there are no IMGS for all PGY1 or CB1-3

Emory University Program
Atlanta, GA 040-12-21-037

George Washington University Program
Washington, DC 040-10-21-033

Georgetown University Hospital Program
Washington, DC 040-10-21-032
We do not have specific thresholds above which applicants are screened. In the past, competitive applicants have Step I scores at least above 210.

National Capital Consortium Program has a pain fellowship
Washington Hospital Center/National Rehabilitation Hospital Program

Henry Ford Hospital Program
Detroit, MI 040-25-21-185
no minimum USMLE score, average in the high 80's to mid 90's

Indiana University School of Medicine Program
Indianapolis, IN 040-17-21-048

Jackson Memorial Hospital/Jackson Health System Program
Miami, FL 040-11-21-036
We extend interviews only to applicants with superior board scores, but consider each application individually. Applicants for CA-1 or internship positions must provide proof of successful completion of Step 2 CK

John H Stroger Hospital of Cook County Program
Chicago, IL 040-16-12-039
We encourage medical students to do an elective rotation in Anesthesiology at our institution so that we can become familiar with each other.
The Program prefers the following credentials:
A Score above 195 on the USMLE Step I and II.

Johns Hopkins University Program
Baltimore, MD 040-23-21-058
applicants with strong motivation for a career in anesthesiology, a broad base of medical knowledge, sound judgment, maturity, high ethical standards, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, compassion, a strong work ethic, intellectual curiosity and evidence of scholarship. These intangibles form the criteria for selection among many highly qualified candidates.
Last year, 75% of interviewed candidates had Step 1 scores of 223 or better with a median score of 235. All interviewed candidates had COMLEX Level 1 scores above 600.

Loma Linda University Program
Loma Linda, CA 040-05-21-016
Solid academic achievement as demonstrated by USMLE performance

Los Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Program
Torrance, CA 040-05-11-026
Select applicants are invited for interviews …..

Louisiana State University (Shreveport) Program
Shreveport, LA 040-21-11-056

Louisiana State University Program
New Orleans, LA 040-21-31-199

Loyola University Program
Maywood, IL 040-16-11-046

Maimonides Medical Center Program
Brooklyn, NY 040-35-11-101
We look for USMLE scores of 85 or higher and the number of attempts taken to pass. However, our criteria for selecting applicants for interviews are not solely based on their scores. A review of their C.V., applications and letters of recommendations are also considered.

Maine Medical Center Program
Portland, ME 040-22-11-057

Massachusetts General Hospital Program
Boston, MA 040-24-31-064

McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University Program
Chicago, IL 040-16-21-042
we prefer applicants to score 215 or greater on Step 1 and 2.

Medical College of Georgia Program
Augusta, GA 040-12-11-038

Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals Program
Milwaukee, WI 040-56-21-165
US Medical Graduates:Successful completion of USMLE with a score of 210 or better
Medical University of South Carolina Program
Charleston, SC 040-45-22-143

Mount Sinai School of Medicine (St Joseph's Regional Medical Center) Program
Paterson, NJ 040-33-21-089

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Program
New York, NY 040-35-21-104

Nassau University Medical Center Program
East Meadow, NY 040-35-11-094
There are no minimum score requirements.

New York Medical College at St Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center of New York Program
New York, NY 040-35-12-109

New York Medical College at Westchester Medical Center Program
Valhalla, NY 040-35-21-105

New York Methodist Hospital Program
Brooklyn, NY 040-35-11-102 for Pr.../Anesthesia Residency Program Application.asp

New York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia Campus) Program
New York, NY 040-35-11-107

New York Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell Campus) Program
New York, NY 040-35-21-098
Residency Review Committee reviews all applications independently.

New York University School of Medicine Program
New York, NY 040-35-21-106
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Ochsner Clinic Foundation Program

New Orleans, LA 040-21-12-055

Ohio State University Hospital Program
Columbus, OH 040-38-11-123
we have not set a minimum score

Oregon Health & Science University Program
Portland, OR 040-40-21-129

Penn State University/Milton S Hershey Medical Center Program
Hershey, PA 040-41-11-130
USMLE Scores no less than 80 (200)

Rush University Medical Center Program
Chicago, IL 040-16-21-043
Successful candidates generally have USMLE scores above 220 or COMLEX scores above 600.

SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn Program
Brooklyn, NY 040-35-21-110

SUNY Upstate Medical University Program
Syracuse, NY 040-35-21-113
A successful candidate has USMLE scores in the 80s (pass on first attempt

SUNY at Stony Brook Program
Stony Brook, NY 040-35-21-170

St Barnabas Medical Center Program
Livingston, NJ 040-33-12-085

St Louis University School of Medicine Program
St Louis, MO 040-28-21-166

St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center Program
New York, NY 040-35-11-108

Stanford University Program
Stanford, CA 040-05-21-025

Temple University Hospital Program
Philadelphia, PA 040-41-31-136

Texas A&M College of Medicine-Scott and White Program
Temple, TX 040-48-21-156
Applicants are expected to have passed steps 1 and 2 of USMLE.

Thomas Jefferson University Program
Philadelphia, PA 040-41-21-137
USMLE or equivalent scores.

Tufts Medical Center Program
Boston, MA 040-24-21-065
USMLE scores of at least 85 and above

Tulane University Program
New Orleans, LA 040-21-31-168
USMLE transcripts. We prefer to see both STEP scores before February 15

UCLA Medical Center Program
Los Angeles, CA 040-05-21-020
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System has a Pain fellowship

UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School Program
Newark, NJ 040-33-21-087

UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Camden) Program
Camden, NJ 040-33-11-195

UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Program
New Brunswick, NJ 040-33-21-180

University Hospital/University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Program
Cincinnati, OH 040-38-21-118

University Hospitals Case Medical Center Program
Cleveland, OH 040-38-21-119

University of Alabama Medical Center Program
Birmingham, AL 040-01-21-010

University of Arizona Program
Tucson, AZ 040-03-21-012

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Program
Little Rock, AR 040-04-21-013
USMLE Step 1, Step 2(CK), Step 2(CS) required. Scores above 80 are prefered

University of California (Davis) Health System Program
Sacramento, CA 040-05-21-014

University of California (Irvine) Program
Orange, CA 040-05-21-015

University of California (San Diego) Program
San Diego, CA 040-05-21-022
We oppose the concept of "audition" clerkships

University of California (San Francisco) Program
San Francisco, CA 040-05-21-023

University of Chicago Program
Chicago, IL 040-16-11-044

University of Colorado Denver Program
Aurora, CO 040-07-21-028
We do accept International Medical Graduates into our program; however first preference will be given to non-IMG applicants.
The IMG applicant must have scores of 220 or above on USMLE Steps 1 and 2.
University of Connecticut Program
Farmington, CT 040-08-21-172
There is no set minimum score. However, applicants who score above the 50th percentile are more likely to be granted an interview.

University of Florida Program
Gainesville, FL 040-11-21-035

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago Program
Chicago, IL 040-16-11-041

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Program
Iowa City, IA 040-18-21-049
Typically, we interview only individuals with USMLE 2-digit scores of 85 or greater. [Chief's comment: Personally, I'm looking for individuals who are interested in true excellence, who see themselves as future leaders in either the academic or private sector, and who are interested in learning everything possible about medicine and anesthesia, not "just enough to pass the boards"-MMT]

University of Kansas (Wichita) Program
Wichita, KS 040-19-22-051

University of Kansas School of Medicine Program
Kansas City, KS 040-19-11-050

University of Kentucky College of Medicine Program
Lexington, KY 040-20-21-052
There is no minimum USMLE score.

University of Louisville Program
Louisville, KY 040-20-21-053
We do not have a strict cut-off on the USMLE. However, please note that the most successful candidates typically have scores that are in the 85th percentile and above.

University of Maryland Program
Baltimore, MD 040-23-11-059

Sinai hospital of Baltimore (Center for Pain Management and Rehabilitation – East York) Program

University of Massachusetts Program
Worcester, MA 040-24-31-070
Our residents are from a diverse background with a wide variety of experiences and interests. Recent residents have graduated from Harvard,
Tufts, Boston University, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Albany, UMDNJ, the Universities of Vermont, Washington and Puerto Rico.

University of Michigan Program
Ann Arbor, MI 040-25-21-071
USMLE Part 1 & 2 (if completed). We have established a minimum score of >200 on any attempt of the exam

University of Minnesota Program
Minneapolis, MN 040-26-31-075
We generally avoid arbitrary, rigid numeric filters such as a “cut-off” score. The national average for USMLE Step 1 for applicants to anesthesia programs nationwide is 216.

University of Mississippi Medical Center Program
Jackson, MS 040-27-11-077
We do not have a USMLE score requirement (must have passed the exam)

University of Missouri at Kansas City Program
Kansas City, MO 040-28-12-080
look first at applicants with scores of 80 and above and on first-try attempts for both Step 1 and Step 2.

University of Missouri-Columbia Program
Columbia, MO 040-28-11-078
We like to see USMLE scores above 215 on the first attempt.

University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine Program
Omaha, NE 040-30-11-082
We do not have any score requirements. However, effective July 2010, all entering residents must have passed USMLE Step 3.

University of New Mexico Program
Albuquerque, NM 040-34-21-183

University of North Carolina Hospitals Program
Chapel Hill, NC 040-36-21-114
Personal qualifications, potential and expressed desire to train at The University of North Carolina influence your decisions more heavily than the reputations of schools attended.

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Program
Oklahoma City, OK 040-39-21-128

University of Pennsylvania Program
Philadelphia, PA 040-41-21-134
In considering applications for this residency, our primary concern is that applicants have the information and the freedom needed to obtain the residency positions most appropriate for them…….(no more explaination..?)

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Medical Education (Mercy) Program
Pittsburgh, PA 040-41-12-140

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Medical Education Program
Pittsburgh, PA 040-41-21-139
Western Pennsylvania Hospital/Temple University Program

University of Rochester Program
Rochester, NY 040-35-11-111
For foreign and international medical graduates Q. What is your requirement regarding USMLE scores? A. At least 85 or better on first try.

University of Southern California/LAC+USC Medical Center Program
Los Angeles, CA 040-05-21-018

University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville Program
Knoxville, TN 040-47-11-144

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Program
San Antonio, TX 040-48-21-155
We do not have a USMLE Score requirement

University of Texas Medical Branch Hospitals Program
Galveston, TX 040-48-11-149

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Program
Dallas, TX 040-48-21-147
USMLE scores must be passing, preferably on the first attempt.

University of Texas at Houston Program
Houston, TX 040-48-31-152

University of Toledo Program
Toledo, OH 040-38-21-125
Successful candidates generally score 85 (2 digit)/207 (3 digit) or higher on both Steps 1 & 2 of USMLE’s, on first attempt

University of Utah Program
Salt Lake City, UT 040-49-31-157

University of Vermont Program
Burlington, VT 040-50-11-158

University of Virginia Program
Charlottesville, VA 040-51-11-159
USMLE Scores -applicants must pass the USMLE on the first attempt

University of Washington Program
Seattle, WA 040-54-21-161
Personal statement: A narrative statement which should be no longer than two typewritten pages. It should include your reasons for choosing anesthesia as a specialty. This statement affords you the opportunity to provide us with a personal profile and to point out any unusual features of your application

University of Wisconsin Program
Madison, WI 040-56-21-164

Vanderbilt University Program
Nashville, TN 040-47-11-146

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Program
Richmond, VA 040-51-11-160

Virginia Mason Medical Center Program
Seattle, WA 040-54-12-162

Wake Forest University School of Medicine Program
Winston-Salem, NC 040-36-21-116

Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium Program
St Louis, MO 040-28-11-081
no minimum score requirement - passage on first attempt is required

Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center Program
Detroit, MI 040-25-31-073
An average score of 85 on the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 examination is also required.

West Virginia University Program
Morgantown, WV 040-55-11-163

Western Pennsylvania Hospital/Temple University Program
Pittsburgh, PA 040-41-32-141

Yale-New Haven Medical Center Program
New Haven, CT 040-08-21-030
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Good stuff! Thanks for the info and the time it must have taken you to compile.

Definitely sticky-worthy.



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Feb 28, 2009
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University of Kansas (Wichita) Program is not IMG friendly :thumbdown:


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Feb 28, 2009
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85 correlates to about 200.

85 correlates to 207 (University of Toledo Program is right!)

82 correlates 200 (I guess from Baystate Medical Center/Tufts..)

the equation to relate these?!!! i got better things to do...
Sep 23, 2009
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Good Afternoon Everyone,

This is a current (August -2009) ACGME list that I complied.
Anesthesiology is team work.....I hope this helps the Team.

Puerto Rico in the House!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and if there's a Program Director out there...PM me!!

Please enjoy...

Hey are you from PR or in school in PR? UPR is one of the schools on my list....


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Nov 23, 2009
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Anyone have current updates for these cutoffs? Duke's page now says that the cutoff for IMGs is 225, for example.


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Jan 18, 2012
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Duke is an incredibly competitive interview to get for AMGs. Usually 240+. I would imagine the IMG cutoff was actually much higher than that.
Apr 24, 2004
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I would not say that a 240+ is required to interview at Duke. It is competitive (and an incredible program), but people are interviewed in the 225-240 range.
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