May 22, 2013
Medical Student
I was wondering if anyone had/knew of Anki decks (or any other electronic flashcards) for derm residents that they would be willing to share.


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Nov 12, 2007
Attending Physician
Unfortunately most of the value is in doing unknown clinical and path images, and thats the most heavily copyrighted component of textbooks. Anki is a potential rabbit hole of learning html, javascript & python in order to make the perfect cards that automatically resize based on the device (PC/Tablet/smartphone) and open the relevant reference pdf to the exact page with the click of the keyboard (among several other self coded addons). I had/have over 10K (yup, dedicated all my time to it) and still remember things I studied for boards several years ago. I did over 100K front/back reps by the time I took them. Boards was a breeze.

I wouldn't take 7 figures for my flash cards for several reasons. One, the liability of all the copyrighted information (fair use since I own the books, although I don't have the right to distribute). Two, the time I put into it is essentially priceless.

Try to organize your classmates/residents, or make your own cards. There is no easy path to acquire the knowledge.

My best advice to residents (when they ask MHO) is that they do whatever worked for them in med school.