MCAT Announcing Frameshift MCAT (introductory prices starting at only $16/month!)

Sep 12, 2020
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Hi everyone! I’m Clara, and I’m so excited to announce Frameshift MCAT, a new prep option focused on instilling MCAT-like critical thinking (and teaching science content) through a wide variety of carefully-constructed resources.

Both myself and Andrew (the co-founder of Frameshift) are MCAT experts with years of experience at a well-known MCAT prep company. We wrote and architected a number of MCAT products there—from FLs to courses—but realized that our efforts were feeding a system that isn’t always great for students or for society as a whole. So we created Frameshift, where we take a new approach, one notable difference being that our products are designed to be affordable to everyone.

We also were premeds ourselves, actually took the MCAT, and have lived and breathed the MCAT for years—so we know how you feel and how to help.

What do we offer? We have a number of different subscription plans, containing a mix of these resources:

Daily livestreams. Andrew and I host livestreams every single day, on topics ranging from science content reviews to strategy deep-dives to common premed concerns. Recent topics include the aldol condensation reaction, theoretical approaches to sociology, a look ahead to the residency match process, and whether MCAT questions are ever too easy to be true (spoiler: they aren’t). You can chat in questions at any time, and all livestreams are recorded for later viewing in case you can’t make it. Check out our livestream schedule here!

Weekly science and CARS passages. Every week, we release one science and one CARS passage, carefully written by us to require the thought processes tested by real MCAT passages. Explanations are always included, but over the weekend, we also host a review livestream for each individual passage. So if you’ve been looking for strategy-focused passage walkthroughs, we’ve got what you need! Or if you were just stuck on one question and our written explanation wasn’t quite enough, come to the livestream and we’ll get that question answered. If you’re curious, take a look at our free passage examples.

Guided MCAT exercises. We believe these exercises are different from anything else currently out there! Each exercise contains 5 to 7 open-ended questions on a given topic, from torque to a mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These questions often build on each other, teaching MCAT-like thinking in a stepwise way. And of course, extensive explanations are provided. In case those explanations aren’t enough, we host a review stream for each guided exercise.

Science diagrams. Released weekly, our science diagrams are an attempt to shake free from the status quo of boring, repetitive, and often incorrect diagrams. With every diagram we produce (on topics ranging from chromatography to the citric acid cycle to mutations), we aim to view it from an angle that’s different from what you might have seen. We can’t promise that there won’t be some jokes or emojis, either. And at risk of sounding like a broken record, each science diagram gets its own review livestream, hosted by us, where we talk through the diagram and you can ask any questions you might have.

A question of the day. This is what it sounds like: a new discrete question released every single day. We carefully calibrate the schedule for these questions to ensure balanced coverage of the full range of MCAT content categories.

A welcoming, collaborative environment. This is best evidenced by our forum, which is free to everyone with a Frameshift subscription. We check this forum every day, so you can post any questions you have there. Perhaps more importantly, we understand how competitive, zero-sum, and draining premed interactions can feel. Unlike other companies, we don’t view MCAT prep as every student against each other. We view it as all of us, together, against the MCAT. And we try to let this attitude shine through in our resources.

For more information, visit Or if you have questions, message us anytime or email us at [email protected] :)

Best of luck studying :bookworm:
Sep 12, 2020
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Also, subscribe to our brand-new Youtube channel for free MCAT videos on content, strategy, question and passage walkthroughs, full sample livestreams, and more! We'll be posting videos just about every day :)

One of our latest is this video on mixed inhibition, where we talk about mixed inhibition's impact on Vmax and Km as well as how all of the MCAT-relevant inhibitor types tie in together. Turns out noncompetitive inhibition is actually just a subtype of mixed inhibition. Who knew?

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