Another annoying P/F question


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Feb 16, 2020
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    Hey guys,

    I started off college with a rocky start and got a 2.8 gpa. During my second semester of freshman year, I've been working harder and was able to get two As. However, I got a B+ in one class and a C+ in another. I am pretty sure that I will PF the C+, but I'm not sure about my B+. Given my previous gpa, it will lead to a very small increase in cGPA (0.01), but I'm worried for other reasons. Specifically, not choosing P/F for B+ will mean more graded credits, and may make it harder to increase my cGPA later on. In addition, given my previous performance in school, they may expect much worse than a B+. It may also make it pretty obvious that my other grade was about a C. On the other hand, choosing P/F may leave more of an opportunity to increase my cGPA long-term. Any thoughts / comments? Thank you so much!
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