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Jun 30, 2010
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Hey SDN,

I am a DO applying MD Anesthesia and was wondering how bad it would be to apply like October 15th ish instead of September 15. I have taken my steps (1 & 2), and have 2 letters (1 from IM and 1 from surgery) but my anesthesia letter I may not have until Mid October since my 1st 4 week Anesthesia month is this month and my letter writer would like to wait since he wants to meet with me a couple times (which is understandable obviously). My Step 1 was average - 228, COMLEX 593. Still waiting for Step 2 scores ( I took both). What do you guys think? Will this destroy my chances at many programs? Am I still pretty safe to be able to match this year? My goal is to match at a mid tier program in the North East area (Loyala, Rush, UIC, Case Western, University of Toledo, Henry Ford etc).

Appreciate your advice,



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Feb 9, 2014
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I'm just an MS4, but you NEED to apply september 15th. No one will care if you don't have all your letters in by Sep. 15th. In fact, you will start getting interview invites without all your letters in or your MSPE letter. From what I understand, most programs just go by Step 1 score initially and send out offers to all who meet their cutoff.
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Oct 17, 2007
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I concur. Apply on the first day, otherwise you risk not getting interviews, regardless how good you are, MD or DO.

Do not wait for the letter. Have the rest of your application ready. You can attach the missing letter later.
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