Another associate degree question

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Mar 7, 2004
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I have a bachelors degree. My GPA is not that inpressive 3.05 cum. I am in a process of doing my Pre-med Pre-reqs.

I am also doing an associate in nursing. In my case I have to do it for some reason. My associate degree is from a four year school and it is going to end by Aug 2005.

My plan is to finish pre-reqs and nursing at the same time and then take MCAT. I am taking pre-requsites from a community college. I am not going for post-bach I know that would be ideal in my case but being an international student I simply can't afford it. I will take some of the pre-reqs from a four year school to prove that I can do well regardless of the school.

I am more interested in DO schools as their as their philosophy apeals me.

Althought I dont want to go for masters but If things still didn't work out then I'll go for one year masters program.

Do you think I stand a chance (without a masters degree) after doing my ASN and all pre-requsites given that I do well and keep my science GPA 3.5 and above and do well in MCAT 27 plus. And a BS degree with a 3.05 GPA.

How would the admission committe look at it.
Any advise on what I should do improve my chances.

Will appreciate your advise.