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Aug 4, 2017
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Hi all. I'm new here.

I'm pretty nervous about applying to pharmacy school this cycle since I've retaken 4 classes.
I have my BS in biology.

Intro bio 2 - C+; Retook and got A at CC after graduating
Gen chem 1/lab - WF; B/B+ (WF and B in lecture, lab just B+) same institution
A&P - B-;A- same institution

Bio 1 was a B+, micro was a C+, and precalc was a C; didn't retake any of these

I failed a non pre reqs science course and retook it at the same institution and got an A

I started doing better after that F.

cGPA is 3.55
sGPA is 3.38 the F brings it down quite a bit :(

I scored 90+ composite on the pcat scores of 95+ in bio and chem. Will my poor grades be an issue? I'm applying to Michigan and Ohio schools. Should i be worried? I have 400+ hours volunteering in healthcare settings and 500+ pharmacy technician hours and I'm a certified tech as well.
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Dec 2, 2010
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Should be fine with a high cumulative and science GPA. Your PCAT and volunteering makes your app strong.


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Jun 28, 2016
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i'm applying this year too and i'd be applying to UCSF with your stats. it's solid.
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