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Aug 10, 2012
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Can anyone comment on what they well as what schools to target.
Canadian applicant
I am a non traditional student
High school teacher for 6 years

These are my stats:
Undergrad Math/Stats - GPA ??? year averages C+,D-,B-,B
Teachers college - GPA 3.9
Second degree Biology - year averages 3.93, first semester this year 3.92, graduating after this semester and hopefully is higher as well
***17 of the 20 courses between these two years are all BCP courses
Lots of EC's shadowing etc

sciGPA 2.93 (these were 1.7ish before I started the second degree)
BCP 2.96
cumGPA over a 3.1 haven't recalculated with aadsas
second degree GPA will be high...3.8+

AA 21 (reading 19 bio 19 chem 26)
TS 21
PAT 21
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