Any attendings doing inpatient?

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Jul 2, 2008
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I had some questions regarding inpatient rehabilitation in private practice or employed practice that I was hoping some of our respected colleagues here could answer.

In residency, the patients were seen 7 days a week. I've always been told that really they are only required to be seen 3 days a week, and perhaps even the payors only want you seeing them no more than that. But due to sicker patients and abundance of manpower they were seen all 7 days in residency.

How is it typically in the community though? One company I talked to which has some rehab hospitals said their docs round 3 days a week on each patient. Another rehab hospital stated explicitly though that they want the patients seen all 7 days. Is rounding on weekends the norm?

Also, without a medical director stipend or some other additional financial support, (i.e. you're working for collections alone) is inpatient rehabilitation economically worthwhile, vs general outpatient PM&R?

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