any clinical rotation program suggest for Ob/Gyn?

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Sep 19, 2023
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recently searching for clinical rotation from US open for international students...
but i could hardly find such program in Ob/Gyn field...
is there any suggestions?

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What state are you wanting to rotate in? What medical school do you attend?
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New York and Michigan are usually IMG friendly
As a medical student it is Illegal to do clinical rotations in New York without approval from the state medical board. If your school is NY approved which there are few international medical school there are still documents that need to be completed.

If you do more then 12 weeks of clerkships (so it is appearing on your transcripts) outside of your medical schools country do not apply to the state of New York as their is a legislation that can flag you in ERAS and greatly affect your chances of matching. Here is the link - NYS Medicine:License Requirements