Any doctors here willing to do an interview?

Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by luckyPharmD.stu, Nov 18, 2005.

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    So last week, I wrote a topic about the cultural differences, particularly between the doctors and the Hmongs. So for my research paper, I will write about what rights are given to the doctors that supports their decision and what the patients cannot do (doctor's rights). In the book, Spirit catches You and You Fall Down, one of the doctors wanted to send the patient away to the foster home because the parents refuse to give medicine (or the right amount).

    I'm hoping that licensed doctors would take their time (if they have any free time) to answer some of my questions specifically (doesn't have to answer all of them) because I need to do an interview (I know this forum is about medical students, but I need all the help I can get as of now). I tried contacting doctors in my area, but they are too busy, which is no surprise at all. If there aren't any doctors, then ignore this post. And if I'm lucky to find the person, please tell me your name and also what university you graduated from. thank you so much.

    -What are the rights given to the doctors that the patients cannot complain about; i.e. when informed by a doctor, the patient must agree to the doctor's recommendation.

    -Did you have any experiences dealing with patients who refused to listen to your advice; did that person get away with it or did the patient suffer consequences?

    -Which side do you support in the Terri Schiavo's case? (Actually, which side were the doctors on, schiavo or bush and the government?)

    - If you read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, do you support the doctor's decision of placing the patient to a foster home because of the parents or do you oppose the doctor's decision?

    - What can't the doctors do? What are the patient's rights? Do you feel that your duty is to work for them, meaning that your job is to tell the options (i.e. surgery, amputation, more medication, etc.) and the patients can freely choose whatever the options are given.

    - Any other notable court cases like Schiavo's case that you know and whose side were you on?
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    Attending Physician

    1) None, unless they can't give consent (not 'competent' to make a decision, but that needs to be called by a psych) or under-age

    2) Of course. We all do. Just ask anyone about an IVDA w/ cellulitis and see their eyes start to roll.

    3) I think her family and the government were wrong. Too bad she never made a living will or other such doccumentation so we never were subjected to that sad case

    4) I read the book, and no, I don't agree with the doctor's decision

    5) Lol. I'm not going to do your research for you.

    6) Again, see answer #5. :laugh:
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