Any good physician personal loans for financially strapped physician?

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Aug 12, 2009
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Hi, my moniker is due to the fact I failed Step 3 delaying my ability to work, but I would like advice as I pick up the pieces and restart my life. The problem is that I have to study hardcore for at least 3 months.

1. Are there any good physician personal (not mortgage) loans available? I already did Suntrust earlier in residency and they won't increase it. If someone can provide a good list that'll be great.

2. Anyone in a situation where they are financially strapped but couldn't work as a physician yet? If so what kind of jobs are available for me in the meantime?

Thanks a bunch for taking time to read my story

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anyone? i scoured the internet, and only one I found was Suntrust. Please, I am in need of financial help.
I know it's way late, but for posterity's sake; I am currently premed trying to figure out how to pay for the MCAT and application cycle, and just contacted my local credit union (where I have been a member for many years, but still). They were more than willing to extend me a personal loan with my signature as collateral to help cover expenses (at 13-15% over 3 years). For me this is a perfect offer, and as everyone knows banks are negotiable! Be sure to check with local credit unions is you are strapped for cash, their mission is to invest in their communities and as future doctors we definitely qualify :)

P.S. I understand the sum you were likely considering would be greater than what I requested, but I believe the same principals apply.