Any good review books to study for the class and USMLE simultaneously?


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Jun 26, 2002
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So are there some good subject books where I can use it both for the class and study for USMLE, without using a supplementary textbook (or books required by the school). Instead of using a textbook to study for the class, I'm looking for a review book for my classes. Since I am beginning genetics next week, anything good for that particular subject as well? Thank you.

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Jul 21, 2001
You could always buy First Aid for the USMLE.
Anyway, our previous class gave us a list of recommended texts...most of them were review books, and some areas are apparently not covered as well in review books.
For genetics we were recommended "Genetics in Medicine" by Nussbaum.

Hope that helped.


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May 29, 2002
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hmmm. no suggestions for genetics, but here are some others:

For pathology, BRS Pathology is awesome - a must read for step 1 and I thought very helpful through the course too.

For biochem, the Lippencott review book is awesome to use during the course. Then use High Yeild right before the exam to reveiw.

High Yeild is also great for Pharmacology, plenty of info for step1, but too un-detailed to learn from the first time through.

FIRST AID FOR STEP 1 can be used from the begginnnig of med school through to step1 - it's an amazing resource and I found using it through my classes was great. It's certainly not enough to go on alone, but does a great job of pointing out all the main points you HAVE to remember for step 1 (which is sometimes hard to have any clue what is MOST important when you have so much to learn for class) Get this book early, buy a used edition, then get a new one right before step1.
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