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Any Help would be Appreciated... very anxious & scared to be honest


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Mar 3, 2010
  1. Pre-Medical
    I'm assuming you're applying this cycle. First off, I think your stats are much better than you give yourself credit for. An upward trend in GPA and a strong recovery after those low grades makes your 3.5 much better. A 34 on the MCAT is excellent and puts you close to the averages for the best schools and above most averages. Based on those stats, your chances of getting in somewhere are very good.

    The lack of ECs can be worrisome, but won't kill your chances by any means. Have you done anything interesting/relevant since you turned in your app? If so, you could send an update letter to some of the schools and that would help you out. Also, if you don't have many ECs, make sure that you are able to express what you learned (about medicine and yourself) through those experiences.

    Other than that, just focus on doing your best on secondary essays and interviews. The rest is out of your hands and will work itself out. Best of luck!


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    Jan 27, 2010
    1. Pre-Medical
      This process is nerve wracking for all of us. You need to occupy yourself with other things or you'll lose your mind. Hobbies, work, family and friends, etc. Stay busy.

      3.5 is not too bad at all. Close to average for most schools, and 34 is excellent! If you're really concerned you should channel that nervous energy into more EC's.

      Are you applying this cycle? How many schools? Any interviews yet?
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      May 22, 2008
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      1. Attending Physician
        There is no way to predict whether or not you'll definitely get in or definitely not get in. Your numbers are competitive for most schools, so that shouldn't be a problem. Yes, you have a few GPA hiccups, but if you have a positive trend that'll work in your favor. It's really going to boil down to the other aspects of your application that we have no idea about.

        No point in worrying about something when you haven't even begun yet. Apply and see what happens. You never know how this whole shebang is going to work out.


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        Jan 2, 2005
        1. Attending Physician
          I have similar stats. Did just fine. Apply broadly and early, follow the traditional formula, and round out yourself as a person (as displayed in your application, e.g. volunteering, writing a great essay, etc. x infinity) and you will get into many schools.
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