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Feb 20, 2009
Hi All,

I am writing this to let what is happening now in Karnataka state, which has many colleges located in Manipal, Bangalore, Mysore etc. I am a parent (from USA) who put my child in a Karnataka medical school in 2009. She finished her MBBS last month. Recently the Karnataka Government, came up with a rule that all MBBS students who completed their course work after July 24th,2015 are required to do one year of compulsory rural service. Without that they will not issue a final degree certificate. They are making that rule applicable to all students irrespective of their admission status -NRI/Foreign students. She will not be able to either write USMLEs during this additional one year as students will be posted in some remote rural areas. If USMLEs are to be written after one year period, get a final degree and then ECFMG certified, we are looking at a minimum of 2018 residency start date even if all stars are line up. So you are looking more than 8 years which is the time it takes to go to a residency program in USA after your high school. I am not even considering how difficult it has become to get a residency for IMGs in USA.

My request to all of you is, if you are planning to come to Karnataka, or any other state in India please don't come here. It is waste of your hard earned money and efforts. Each and every day we regretted.
If you are already here, please check with your respective colleges and see what they advise you.
Jan 9, 2015
wow this is something new...I've never heard of this before...thank you for the information, but I think that, this is mostly a problem for students who were once living in the America but have come down to india to study MBBS and then go back to US.