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Aug 24, 1999
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I haven't heard a single word from the programs that I have applied to. No rejections, no waitlist, and certainly no interview invites. I read that nothing much happens until after the dean's letter goes out, but I am disheartened when I read all the posts about other people who have interviews, etc. I even saw someone interviewing yesterday!!! So, please, if you haven't heard anything yet, post!

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Apr 5, 2002
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Don't sweat it!! First of all, everyone on this site is from a different state, so things are a bit different from program to program. Second, remember what you learned in med school...and that is=who cares what the next guy is doing!! You will go from a period of not much happening, to a flood of invitations. Many of the people in my school who matched last year didn't hear much until November. Think about how many people there are applying, and think about how few you've read about many? what, 3-4 posts? There are thousands!! And finally, although no one likes to think it is so, there is always the small chance that some are just feeling the way you are and are F.O.S. with their post. Bottom line: don't worry. Take a vacation from this forum!

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May 5, 2002
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i totally agree. there a lot of factors in timing of interviews, including what field you are applying to and also, the level of programs you applied to. a lot of people who have interviews already have applied to 2nd or lower tier primary care programs (along with top programs), or have applied to specialties that go through the sf match, which starts generally a bit earlier than eras/nrmp. the top programs will not start sending invitations until the dean's letter gets out. however, if you destroyed step I (>240) and got honors in the field you are applying to, then yes, you will most likely get interviews quickly no matter what.

you will get all the interviews you can handle within the next month.
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