Jul 19, 2009
Has anyone interviewed at Harvard yet?
If so, how much do they get into asking about research experience?

I have a couple for none of which I am listed as an author. I did a lot of clinical and administrative work rather than the bench work, so I don't know how much I should talk about it on the supplemental. Also, there's one "paper" that I published on this website for chemistry educators for the research that I did my second year in college. I really didn't care for the research much and still don't see the point of the project. Should I list it under my research experience since I have something published or should I just boldly exclude it from the list since I'm not confident about how to present that if asked?

Another concern about supplemental is that I feel like I'm repeating myself after my primary app. A lot of it was already put on my primary.
Should I still go ahead and repeat myself?

What do you guys think?


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Jun 14, 2008
A lot of secondaries involve repetition. I would go ahead and mention it at least. I think they like to just see that you did it, you don't have to love the project you did. Even though a lot of the topics are repetition, be sure to put a new spin on things. Make sure just to reiterate your main interests. Don't copy and paste, but don't leave something out just because it was already mentioned. I feel like they might use the secondaries to separate interviewees, and the AADSAS is moreso used for the "first line."

When is your interview?