Any other test site besides NYCOM that had COMLEX II problems last week?


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May 2, 1999
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Specifically, the issue with the incorrectly formatted answer sheet in the second test book (only choices A-E on the scantron but questions in the test book with choices from A-G).

A rep from the NBOME contacted the proctors at NYCOM and advised us to just write our answers in the test booklet. But if more than one site had this problem, how could the NBOME possibly hand-grade all of these scantrons?

Just curious as I haven't heard any mention of this on the message boards..


Diane L. Evans

In case you have not heard they are throwing out all those questions. Great I know the easy ones!

Doc Wiz

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Mar 9, 2002
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I am one of the unfortunates who failed step 2. I am extremely angry that NBOME decided to throw out those twenty four questions. I recieved a score of 398!
I believe if the 24 questions had been scored I would have passed the exam. I am looking into all options to force NBOME to comply with our original request to hand grade book two of the exam.
Is there anyone else who feels, NBOME has gone too far this time and wants to do something about it?
Doctor Lee
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