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any suggestions?


10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Mar 26, 2005
I have a hard decision to make... I interviewed with Ross Univ for the Jan 06 (I will match for 09) class.. and I have an interview with PCOM december... I will have to leave for ross before I get a decision from pcom if i take ross's acceptance...is it worth waiting to hear from pcom...if i get in to pcom i'd start sept versus starting ross in thh may 06 (I will match in 2010) term cause i'd have to wait for their answer delaying me to the may 06 class....

so basically one of the following

1) start ross jan 06, match 2009
2) wait for pcom decision thus,

A) start PCOM aug 06, match 2010 (if i get in)..if i get waitlistd(?)

B) start ross may 06, match 2010


10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Jun 9, 2005
How important is it to you to match a year earlier? And how do they get you to finish on time if they start you a semester late? Do you sacrifice your summer? You also haven't mentioned how much you like one school vs the other. And...if you are in a rush to get out of your current situation.

I'm only MS1, so my point of view is limited...but from what I know so far med school is tough enough without trying to cram it into a smaller amount of time. I am already looking forward to a relatively carefree summer. Also people take the summer between 1st and 2nd yr to do things of interest like research, etc. .


MUO 2009
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Jul 27, 2005
Toledo, Ohio
  1. Medical Student
I don't know...My aunt went to Ross, she's actually a third year now, doing her clinicals. It's REALLY far away.

Plus, the reason I crossed Ross off my list, I went to NYC for a conference about the school...everyone talking about the island had a vacant stare...like they were scared of ever going back.

3rd world country...hurricanes and earthquakes. And REALLY BIG BUGS.

Wait a year!

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