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Anyone attend Tulane's One Year Masters of Science?


S.D.N.'s Captain
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 5, 2003
I like the idea of attending this one year program at Tulane very much but I have some doubts. I think it might be too much research because they require 6 credits each semester. It sounds like a lot so if anyone been through it please let me know what that's like. Also they don't offer the classes that I want to really prepare me for the future like Histology, Anatomy, and Biochem. Anyone who knows about this program please comment

Required Courses: (22 Credits)a

CELL 611 - Cells and Tissues (4)
CELL 621 - Cellular Physiology (3)
CELL 622 - Microbiology Lecture (3)
CELL 786-02, 787-02 - Seminar in Cell and Molecular Biology (6)
CELL 799, 800 - Research in Cell and Molecular Biology (6) b

Elective Courses: (8 Credits)
Anatomy Courses:
CELL 613 - Embryology (4)
CELL 632 - Systems Neuroscience (3)

Disease-Related Courses:
CELL 634 - Neurobiology of Disease (3)
CELL 641 - Molecular Basis of Human Genetic Disease (3)
CELL 671 - The Molecular Biology of Cancer (3)

Experimental Science Courses:
CELL 600 - Bioethics (3)
CELL 631 - Cellular Neuroscience (3)
CELL 633 - Cellular Gene Regulation (3)
CELL 635 - Developmental Neurobiology (3)
CELL 663 - Cellular Neurophysiology (3)
CELL 678 - Developmental Genetics (3)
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