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Anyone else here an SLP going for med school??


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Oct 9, 2007
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hi all,
    I am new to this network. I am a graduate student in Speech-Language Path. I really enjoy the field. I enjoy research as much as I enjoy the clinical aspect of the profession and I plan to pursue a medical education upon graduation.

    Any one else here an SLP, PT or OT going for med school?

    Thanks! and I am so glad this forum exists - I have a long road of classes ahead of me :)
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    May 21, 2006
      I'm a graduate SLP student in my 2nd external internship. Got 1 more semester to go till I graduate. Being in the program really made me more interested in becoming an MD - want to be able to play a bigger role in the patient's healthcare from the medical point of view, not just rehabilitative.
      I'm highly considering doing a post-bacc soon after I graduate.


      AuD extern in B-ham, AL
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      May 12, 2007
      Homewood, AL
      1. Pre-Medical
        This board makes me feel a little better about wanting a career change even before graduating. I am currently in my 4th yr of an AuD program. While I love the field, I too, have become very interested in the medical aspects of audiology. If all goes well, I should be applying for medical school during the next cycle.


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        Jun 12, 2007
        1. Rehab Sci Student
          I'm applying to SLP grad programs now. I've always been drawn to the more medical side of speech pathology and sought out different kinds of part time work in a hospital. My plan is to try being an SLP for a few years and not rule out the possibility of going to med school.


          Jul 3, 2012
          1. Pre-Medical
            Hey guys, I love hearing from people in my field who have the same desire to pursue medicine, as most people think I'm insane.

            I'm 28, I've worked for the past 3+ yrs as an SLP in an amazing acute care hospital, and ive enjoyed every minute. I've just been accepted early decision to start medical school this fall after completing my post-bacc and im thrilled. problem is, im getting cold feet. im in a panic. im already in a ton of debt from undergrad/grad school/post-bacc and am terrified that im foolish to leave a job i love with a flexible schedule for a decade of a demoralizing field. I see how miserable the residents are, and I think i've seen a lot of the ugly side of medicine, but i cant quiet the desire. I'm stuck on whether or not these doubts and fears are completely normal, or whether im making a huge mistake. i dont want to get into medicine to "help people" or to "make a difference." I believe I'm already doing that as an SLP. I think its a bit more selfish for me...im fascinated by the body and its functioning and breakdowns and im dying to know more and to treat on a broader scale.

            but i also know that im 28. and i want a family. and am I foolish to think I can have it all? maybe I should note that my current boyfriend is also in his residency and (i can tell) is less than thrilled with my current undertaking. hes not my husband, and i dont make decisions based on other people, im just worried im naive to think I can do it all. its been a long road so far, and im both thrilled and terrified for whats ahead.

            I just wanted you SLP (professionals and students) to know you arent alone! we are all a bit crazy i think.

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            Dec 6, 2012
              I love it! This is so exciting - I was wondering if I was the only one!

              I'm 28 years old and I've been an SLP for 3 years now - primarily in the acute, hospital setting. And I am just starting the pereqs for med school in the spring. So I just wanted to say hello!

              Does anyone have any advice for a newbie premed? :)


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            • Aug 8, 2009
              Beyond the Wall

                My advice? spend a lot time reading around here. Take everything you read with a grain of salt, some people are just a tad neurotic :p The non-trad forum is a little safer. You've found the search feature which is a great place to start. Once you've done some reading, feel free to ask questions you haven't gotten the answers to.

                Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.


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                Oct 24, 2017
                1. Pre-Speech Language Pathology
                  Hello all! I know I am VERY late in finding this thread, but I am in a similar place and also had an interest here... Did anyone have success or change their minds from these original postings?

                  I am in my second of a three-year SLP master's program now and LOVE this field. I am considering med school as well, though, to become an ENT. However, I do not desire to switch focus--my hope is to become a crossover specialist in order to give medical and rehabilitative consulting advice or supervision and training in difficult cases around the U.S. due to having a background in both fields. Is this an impossible dream? Anyone a current SLP who knows a lot about the medical field requirements for becoming and practicing as an ENT and how it may conflict or work well to function as both? Would maintaining licensing/certification in both areas simultaneously even be possible?

                  FYI - ASHA has no information or data on this line of thought. I called to find out if anyone has gone down this road in the past, and there was also no record of this (which must mean many people have switched, but no one became a dual-specialist as far as they are aware...). Thank you for your thoughts!
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