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Mar 8, 2012
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  1. Physical Therapy Student
Hey all,

I have been placed on the waitlist at UTMB and was just wondering if anyone here has been accepted off of the waitlist for the upcoming fall semester.


New Member
Jun 4, 2012
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  1. Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
Hi westcoastin,

I am hoping to apply to UTMB this fall for the MOT program starting in 2013. OT is a new dream for me, and I'm not sure I'll be what they are looking for. I still have some pre-requisites to complete (A&P II, Medical Terminology, Physics, and Sociology). I'm finishing my B.S. in Psychology from the University of Houston at Victoria, which is not a prestigious school to say the least. I also haven't found a place to volunteer yet and fear I might only be able to rack up the 20 hours and possibly not in multiple locations by the suggested October application deadline. I do at least have a fairly high GPA and genuine life experience.

I'm from the Houston area though and would like to stay local, so UTMB is my number one choice. I was just curious if you'd be willing to tell me what your stats are (i.e. GPA, which school you went to, volunteer experience, etc) so I can see if I have any chance of even making their waiting list. I'm having a hard time finding any students discussing the school's program, so I thought I'd try directly asking someone in the process.

Thanks for any help! Truly appreciate it if you're able, but completely understand if you can't. :xf: :)


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Nov 28, 2011
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  1. Rehab Sci Student
Hey Qwerty,
I got into UTMB - here are my stats:
Overall GPA:3.43
Pre-Req GPA:3.7ish ( I Thought it was lower, but its actually just above 3.7)
Extra-Curric: Worked as rehab aide at Neuroscience clinic and inpatient rehab hospital
Volunteer: 600 hours at multiple settings
Acceptances: Texas Tech, UTMB


New Member
Apr 1, 2011
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  1. Rehab Sci Student
I'm a current 3rd semester student at UTMB. I didn't find out about UTMB until halfway through the admission cycle (which was longer 2 yrs ago), so I only had the 20 hours of "official" OT when I applied and they were all at one site - don't know if that's changed now. However, I had worked for a number of years and had multiple of volunteer work that went along with OT. My GPA is pretty high, but most of it is from 5+ years ago.

My suggestions to those applying are to apply as early as possible! There were something like 250+ applicants for 54 spots last year. One good thing about UTMB is they don't hinge interviews on GPA alone (albeit they require a 3.0 min), so that means chances to let yourself shine - but also that you're competing against way more people.

However, one girl in our class now had been waitlisted and had actually started the OT program at UT-El Paso I think. She was contacted about a week or so before orientation began last August - she packed up and came on down! So there's always hope. :)

Good luck!!!
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