Anyone interview at CCOM?

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Sep 10, 2002
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If anyone interviewed at CCOM, how was your interview?

I understand it is a panel of 3, are there any times when it is one on one?

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I was interviewed by a PhD and a M-3. They were nice. I got a call a week later, I was accepted! Yeee haw!!!
I interviewed at CCOM in early October and got my acceptance shortly thereafter. The interview was very low stress and was 3 on 1. I had a administrator, a DO and a 3rd year student. They made me feel very at ease. The administrator actually told me on the way to the interview room that it will be very relaxed and conversational. The facilities there are extremely nice and everyone seems to be happy to be there. I just sent my deposit off and will be attending there next year.
Relax and you'll be fine.
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I interviewed at CCOM on the 11th of Oct. My panel consisted of an MD, a faculty member, and a 3rd year medical student. They were all very nice and pleasant to talk to! They made the interview extremely relaxed. The interviewers are not out to get you. They just want to get to know you and your personality.

The school is absolutely incredible! The facilities are state-of-the-art and the atmosphere does not seem to be too competative.

Don't stress out too much about the interview b/c it really isn't too bad. :)
my interview experience was similar to nugirl's. i was the last of 8 people to interview that day. it seemed that everyone before me was asked the same questions - mostly medical ethics questions. i had none of those. my interview was much more conversational with most of the topics spawning from my resume/application. it was very relaxed.

i also thought that the school was amazing on many levels, and have recently sent my deposit. good luck!