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Jan 14, 2004
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The Office of Admissions told me that they divide their waitlist into three tiers: top, middle, and bottom.

They suggested people on the wait list may want to submit "additional materials", such as an LOI, latest coursework grades, yet another letter of rec, but *not* something like a portfolio.

I have long since graduated so sending in last semester grades is not applicable.

Does anyone have any idea what has successfully worked in the past or even this year, i.e. what (if any) supplemental materials waitlisted applicants have sent in that ultimately leads to an offer of admission?



Super Rob

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Aug 24, 2003
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woops, I forgot to call them the other day.

what a great school. I'm in the OP's boat, so bump!


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Sep 21, 2003
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Here is some info from a previous post of mine. I think you may find the links helpful. It does sound like an LOI is important IF it is your top choice.

I calledon 3.30 and found out I'm on the top tier of the waitlist. Apparently, there are about 350 people on the waitlist this year and they don't expect it to move until after May 15th. She (April) didn't say whether the tiers were split evenly (i.e. 350/3 in top, middle and bottom tier). I did a search and found these links related to the waitlist at UMich from last year. They have some conflicting info. Good luck all



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