anyone rejected by VCU yet?


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Apr 6, 2004
  1. Dentist
    i couldn't find posts (from this cycle) with ppl rejected by VCU.

    has anyone been yet?

    i'm expecting one, cuz i am not in-state, i'm not even american! and i'm not competitive....but i wanted to try because my sister went to UVa and i think Va is AWESOME (I love it!) & it's cheap :thumbup:

    are there reasons why some schools reject a lot later, in general? because vcu is toying with my mind. i'm under the impression that they MIGHT consider me for an interview (even though i'm pretty sure they're NOT) because on infosource it says "under review". oh same goes for Penn (but just not on infosource) :(
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    Apr 13, 2004
    1. Dental Student
      i think his reasoning is basicaly he wants to give everybody chance and it owuld be wrong for him to drop files early on. but maybe he is talking about the people that he has interviewed and file applicants
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