anyone still waiting for interview invitations?

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that is my question. i applied really late, then it didn't get processed quickly.

so i am still waiting. probably not too good by now, i suppose.

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There are still 2 out of 4 DO schools that I applied to that I have not heard from for interview invites, but I applied relatively early, so I probably won't be hearing from them if I haven't by now.
But I don't know about people who applied later.
Good luck and I hope you hear something soon.
I'm sure you're not alone in waiting for an interview....

I'm not going to say don't worry, but as you know most schools are rolling admission....

DMU interview till end of April/beginning of May....
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I applied late, and have not got an interview. I just talked to the people at COMP and they told me there are still lots of spots left, and that I should hear about an interview in 7 - 10 days.
My application to Ohio University was complete sometime in October, and I still haven't heard anything from them.
I sent in my secondaries in late november. I heard from 2/4 schools (OUCOM & LECOM), the schools I am still waiting on are NYCOM and PCOM, which by the way it appears, I dont think i will be hearing from them. I wish you the best of luck with your application process!! However, i do have a couple of friends who have contacted schools and were told that they should wait atleast another month, so who knows :confused:
I submitted all my secondaries in July, and am still waiting to hear a peep from 4 of 5 schools. I was really excited about PCOM and NYCOM at the beginning of the app cycle - esp. the NYCOM d.o / m.s. nutrition program. Doesn't look like they're too excited about me though :(
just had my appl completed at NYCOM cause i applied late. so i am pretty much waiting for a rejection letter. question- does NYCOM want let of rec only if you get an interview like the secondary or should i send them in now?

anyway, i have already made peace with the fact that i am not going this year.whatever.
Although I am by no means holding out for NYCOM, I have not heard a word from them since my application was complete in August. What is their deal? Do they fill their classes late?
Hang in there, some schools interview through June. I had a May interview at one school last year, and I was not even part of the last group.

Good Luck.
yeah, I received a rejection from CCOM and an interview from LECOM today.

Waiting on 2 schools now, UHS and PCSOM.

I would suggest sending your LOR's now--at least if you do get an interview, you won't have to worry about them getting sent, they will already be there. The office of admissions told me to send them in when I sent my primary application--they were there when I finally got an interview.
At all three schools that I applied to, my application was complete by the end of September. MSUCOM got back to me within two weeks by phone, I got a letter from PCOM right before Christmas, and I still haven't heard from AZCOM. I know that some people are still waiting on PCOM, and I haven't heard anything about anyone waiting like I have on AZCOM. So I really think that you can just never know how long a school will take to get back to you - or even if they ever will :( Hang in there and call the admissions office every couple weeks! Good luck everybody
I hate to put a dim light on a dream. As time elapses, so does the number of interviews and number of acceptances the schools have to offer. I have pulled the places I haven't heard from and elected to attend NOVA. I hope all of you gain admissions into medical school class of 2007. If not, hope to see you all in the class of 2008. Keep the faith and GAME ON!!
Hello everyone,

I applied really late too. My primary wasn't sent out until Jan. 7th and my secondaries were sent at the end of February.

I got this quasi wierd "rejection" from AZCOM saying that they are in the process of filling their class and are no longer sending invitations for interviews.

I'm still waiting for DMU and NYCOM.

However, I just got an invite to interview at CCOM!:clap:

Don't count me out yet!

Good luck to all!
I applied very early and am still waiting to hear from PCOM and NYCOM.

Still watiting for an interview.