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Dec 20, 2008
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my school wants us to have a rough draft of our personal statement by end of break, so that's what i worked on this week. i just kinda went for it, and it's not the best thing i've ever written. some of my concerns are that i think i've tried to show more qualities i have that i think are good for a doctor to have. and i've also focused more on 3 main things. i have more experiences shadowing doctors and doing research in labs, but i didn't think of a good way to fit it in smoothly. also, i'm slightly over the character limit, but i'm not that concerned - i'll find a way to fit it.

i know there was a thread for reader's list...but there weren't too many recent posts so i just decided to make a new thread.

any comments would be much obliged :)
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Nov 12, 2008
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sure if you PM me I could read it and give suggestions :)


I would like to read it, so PM me if you want. I'm in the same boat though so I'm no expert! :D
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