USMLE Anyone want to analyze where I stand?

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May 22, 2013
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Hi all, 1 week remaining. Shooting for a 240+

CBSE: 223 - 6.5 weeks out
NBME 15: 225 - 3 weeks out
NBME 19: 217 (wut) - 2.5 weeks out
NBME 17: 232 2 weeks out
NBME Free 120: 89% 1.5 weeks out
UWSA 1: 256 - 1.5 weeks out
NBME 18: 244 - 1 week out

Going to do UWSA2 the week before. Anyone wanna predict where I will score?

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USWA1 tends to overpredict while NBME 19 tends to overpredict. So by averaging them and giving you an extra five points, since you took USWA1 more recently, I predict: 242
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I'll actually go a little higher -- I think you're in a good spot for a 245+ if you score above 245 on UWSA2. 89% on Free 120 correlates to ~250 based on some charts so that's two tests in a row in that same range; even though UWSA1 tends to overpredict.

If you identify your 3 biggest weaknesses and turn them into strength's between now and test day, you should be in great position to score well.
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