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Feb 22, 2005
Most schools would accept AP Credits but they said it is a dangerous situation!! their REASON:

"Our official policy is that we will transfer in credit for AP courses in which a score of 3 or better is earned on the AP exam and a C or better final grade in the course. However, before we will officially award any credit, we require you to meet individually with an Academic Advisor. The reason for this is that we want to make sure you are completely aware of all the risks/consequences that would be involved in transferring advanced credit."

DO you guys think this is true? WHoever have taken AP(Advanced PLacement Course) in High School and transfer to Pre-Pharmacy School Program and did bad OR good? any tips???


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Mar 4, 2004
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i think that is probably very true... as when i did my undergrad they wouldn't take your AP credit unless you made a 4 or better (5) on the AP tests.

i think its good because in reality high school- college- and pharm school- are totally different.

if i went from high school to pharm school skipping college i would have been slaughtered alive.


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Feb 27, 2005
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I think you should put yourself into the shoes of an admission officer for a pharmacy school. What would you do if you see someone with AP credits and not-so-good grades on their transcript? You'd say those AP's are worthless? But if you see someone with good AP scores and excellent, high-level courses in college, I think you would be VERY EVIL not to consider him or her.

The reality is, every school should NEVER, ever say they won't accept AP credits. The worst they can do to prevent "meaningless" AP scores is accept only 5's.

And seriously, if professional schools don't accept AP credit, would high school students feel any encouraged to take AP classes? Luckily, I think most do. I think the matter is this: if the school has an undergrad program, and that program accepts AP credit, then most likely the grad program will accept AP credits as well. But again, those who have a horrible college transcript should not expect schools to respect their AP scores.
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