AP Stats or AP Calc AB?

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Feb 8, 2021
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I am picking my courses for my junior year and I am taking AP Bio, AP Lang and an AP Math. The problem is I don't know if I should take AP Calc AB or AP Stats. My school does not offer AP Calc BC and I have not taken an AP classes yet, and my school does not offer honor classes. My AP Bio teacher is rumored to be really bad and most of the time I am going to be self studying for at least 2-3 hours. If I take AP Stats, that will free up my schedule a ton, but the teacher sucks, and I'm currently at pre-calc, so I don't know if I am going to be wasting my time taking stats over calc junior year. Nevertheless I am taking both of the classes whether its junior or senior year and I just need some other opinions outside of family and friends. Also if I do decide to take AP Calc, will it be a too big of a jump, because AP Bio and AP Calc are considered, in my school, two of the four hardest APs (Chem and Physics are the others), and currently my schedule is very light and not as rigorous as 3 AP classes would be. Would it be too difficult to adjust to this or will I get the hang of it pretty quickly?

Note: I am going pre-med in college (biopsych major) and I am hoping to go to a school like UC Irvine. I say I'm a little above average in math. If I were to go AP Stats I would put a lot of my effort into AP Biology because I am actually pretty interested in biology and psychology, like how do we think what we think and how do our arms move at our own command? How did we become humans and how did plants become plants? Why are trees shaped how they are and how did animals think eating other animals was a good idea??

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AP Calculus and take the BC if offered. AP Stats is worthless and not even considered for your major, but the AP Calculus opens up course selections earlier that you can take much more stress free.

For Statistics if you are going to be in that major category, you will take that as a serious upper division class and potentially a formal probability course in your lower division.

And if you think your high school schedule is loaded, wait until UC entrance. UCI has a reputation for being competitive.
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