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APE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIMQBank is home to the world's most popular practice CASPer® tests. With several hundred video based scenarios, word based scenarios and over 1200+ high-yield questions created by leading SJT experts, we offer the largest selection of practice materials for the CASPer® test. Our CASPer SIMtesting platform provides examinees with a realistic testing experience. In addition, the content of each CASPer SIM practice test is unique to the discipline you are applying into.

During SDN Admissions Prep week, save an additional 10% off all Full Length Practice APE CASPer® Tests w/Scoring. Use Discount code: SDN (Offer Valid Mar 31 - Apr 7. Cannot be combined with other offers)

To purchase or learn more, please visit: Purchase APE Practice CASPer® Tests | APE Advisor Prep®

CASPer SIM™ is a trademark of Advisor Prep Education Services LLC. CASPer® is a registered trademark of Altus Assessments Inc. The CASPer® test is delivered by Altus Assessments at This practice test is operated by Advisor Prep Education Services, a provider of test preparation services. Advisor Prep is an independent service provider which has no role in creating or administering the CASPer® test. Altus Assessments and Advisor Prep have no relationship whatsoever, whether by way of affiliation, endorsement, or otherwise.

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