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Apr 7, 2008
  1. Pharmacist
    Why would a veterinarian ask a pharmacist to purchase apomorphine for him? Can't he purchase it himself for his office use? I have a faint memory while studying for pharmacy boards that apomorphine is for vet use only and I don't think I can even sell it to him. I tried searching for my answer, but I come up empty.

    Any help? Thanks. Scott


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    1. Veterinarian
      To my knowledge, it's been off the market for years. Veterinarians have had to have it compounded for years. :) Don't know why that is, but some vets have a realllly hard time getting ahold of it! I believe they usually have to use compounding pharmacies and not traditional pharmacies.

      Definitely not something I would be "suspicious" of a vet requesting, if that's why you thought of it. :)
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      Oct 1, 2006
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      1. Veterinarian
        Yeah, I always ordered small soft capsules of it from a reputable compounding pharmacy. (I believe they were capsules, if I'm remembering correctly).

        Since I was ordering from California, I think I also recall that Apomorphine is considered Controlled in the state of CA. I don't remember if I did it to humor the compounding pharmacist, or if there was legit legal reason/implications, but I kept the stuff in the locked Controlled drug cabinet.
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