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I'm looking for a way that when I'm traveling, I can connect to my computer at home to retrieve documents, access programs, etc. As many of you know, I'm using Mac OS X (as I frequently bring that to light). :)

Is Apple's Remote Desktop Connection software what I need?

I will need to register my router with or something similar since I do not have a permanent IP address.

Can I use the built-in networking of my Powerbook to connect to my desktop through the internet? I can do this now through my home network, but I want to be able to do it from school, my parents' home, etc. I'm not sure if Apple's built-in networking connection utility is compatible with to obtain the IP address to log into my computer.

Thanks! (I'm betting Wingy has an answer for this.)

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I use a vnc client coupled with an SSH tunnel and a vnc server at home.

Or, at least I used to use this, back when I had a home computer and no laptop.

Here's a summary of how to rig up your server. (Provided that's also a Mac):

There are many variations on this sort of theme... Let me know if you have any specific questions 'cause I played with this kind o setup for a long time.

I have one warning with regard to this kind of setup: Change your SSH port on the server to something other than the default, 22, because if SSH is often a vector for hacking.