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Aug 18, 2012
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Hey guys-

I just finished up a post-bacc program and am registered to take the MCAT on June 20th with my AMCAS application set to go on June 4th. I know a million people have asked this but I've seen differing answers. Some people say to just to apply to one school at first just to get verified and then apply to more once my scores get released in late July. Others say apply to the majority of schools that are on my list early just so secondaries can be completed before the score comes out. Can anyone give me a definitive answer? If I wait to apply to schools after my score comes out, will my secondaries be late and will I be late overall in the cycle? Thanks for your help.


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Nov 12, 2012
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Generally, before your scores come out, you can definitely apply to one school just to get your app verified first. This is generally a school that you have no chance of getting in. Pick a state public school that has low OOS acceptance. If you wait till your score get release to get verified, it would take forever to get verified and you'll be a late applicant which is detrimental to your chances of getting acceptance.

Once your scores comes in, if they are what you like, you can quickly add more schools.. They'll get added very quickly without any problems.

If your scores are not what you want and you want to try for next cycle, then you'll only be a reapplicant for the only one school you selected for verification.

You don't want to add all the schools you want, get a bad score and have to reapply next school. When that happens, you are considered a reapplicant for all schools that receive your apps even if you don't complete them.

Hope that helps.