Application Fees?

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Jul 26, 2003
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I just finished a few of my secondaries (Tulane and USC). I'll tell ya right now I do not want to pay Tulane 95 bucks. Does anyone know about fee waivers and will my AMCAS fee waiver only apply for the primary applications only? I guess I can call them (hooray for long distance fees!) Some of these people will budge I bet...

Looks like its time to go sell some sperm! MY BLOND OFFSPRING WILL POPULATE THE LAND LIKE A PLAGUE - BWHAHAHAHAHAH! I mean $hit I need money!


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There is atleast one medical school that waves the fee along with AMCAS. NYMC? And the rest should follow.

By the way, do you have any one that has already been through a real good hardship and uniquely knows why one wants to be a doctor on sale now? I hope that I could get some kind of subsidized loan for this. :D
Most schools will accept your AMCAS fee just have to send them a copy instead of a check. At least that was what all of the schools I applied to said. They also said it's either the money or the fee waiver; there's no other way to get the secondary fee waived. Consider yourself lucky that you have the AMCAS waiver!
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a few of the schools I applied to didn't accept any fee waivers at all. the ones who did seemed to automatically grant fee waivers to those who had AMCAS fee waivers (no additional explanation necessary). I think NYMC was actually one that didn't grant fee waivers at all (I got their secondary at the same time as NJMS, and I remember being much more impressed with NJMS - they sent a brochure and seemed to be very committed to diversity, whereas NYMC didn't accept fee waivers, and the only secondary question they asked was if you were related to anyone affiliated with the school.)
You gotta love the secondary questions that are basically - "who are you related to and how much nepotism should we show you."
I gotta love the bull**** connections .... I guarantee more people get special admissions for who they know or are related to then any other status.

What I really love is the commitment to diversity pictures etc. How are they going to give such blatant lip-service and not accept something as simple as a fee waiver from <1% of their applicants. This kind of crap burns me from the start and taints the process. If they don't take the waiver, I just won't apply at all to the school... F&ck it. At least this isn't the non-need blind crap I had to go through for undergrad (f$ck you hopkins). Tulane ranks so low on my list of interests I might as well let it go.... but USC is up there and I'll drop the cash on them if thats what it takes.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I went to an undergrad where the median (and average) income of the student body was over 100k/yr. Is medical school gonna be any different or just more overachieving middle and upperclass richies? Yeah that statement is loaded, it's also a reality I need to be informed about.

To the person who said I was lucky for getting the waiver, what do you mean by this?

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Originally posted by peterockduke
Is medical school gonna be any different or just more overachieving middle and upperclass richies?

For the most part, to the second part of your question. Though it does seem like people are getting less money from their parents now than they probably did in ugrad, some still get some nice hookups.