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When should I look to begin applying for programs in UK and Ireland, for enrollment in the Fall of '08?

How do I know which UK schools need which admission test (UKCAT, MSAT, etc)?

Can these be taken in the US?


Jedi -

Thanks for trying to help, but I had searched UCAS and ABridge and both still only have 2007 applications up. I am specifically wondering when we will be able to work on our applications for 2008 entry. I understand no one will really know the exact date, but what time of year can you usually start to work on the applications for the NEXT year?


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Ah, for Atlantic Bridge they had their application (for fall 2007) up near the end of July last year (or maybe slightly earlier). For UCAS, the earliest month that I have heard people submitting their application is August/September for a mid-October deadline.

Don't worry, they are both not very intense applications, the important thing is to start asking references for letters (for Ireland, mostly) as early as possible...
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