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Does anyone else feel like they are going through a greek rush during this application/interivew process? (especially those in TX)

You send in your primary and secondary app, and at many schools, those with high enough numbers get an automatic invite to interview. Then those on the border are discussed and ranked. Any falling below the magic number of interview invites get the rejection letter.

Come interview day, you show up and make small talk, are asked questions, and have the opportunity to ask questions. While all of this is going on, both parties are supposed to be evaluating if this school / candidate is a good fit. Then you walk out of the interview and a lot schools have the interviewer immediately assign you a number between say 1 and 10, so you can be ranked later with all other candidates that have accepted an interview. Once again those with a high score are accepted, while those with a border score and discussed, ranked, and then A, R, or W.

Meanwhile applicants are ranking their personal preferences and come bid day, matches are made.

Just a thought. Anyone else agree? :D
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